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Introduction to the Supplemental Articles

My concept of the purpose and function of the supplemental articles in this volume has evolved and expanded during the process of creating this work. Early on, as I encountered a topic in the Book of Mormon verses I felt too complex for discussion in the verse commentary, I would create a supplemental article. These articles were written on topics that I felt important enough to warrant more extensive consideration and discussion, and each related directly to topics introduced by the Book of Mormon authors. As the work continued, I found myself, from time to time, additionally becoming intrigued by topics that were introduced to me in my reading but did not pertain directly to concepts usually associated with the text of the Book of Mormon. I have included a few such articles in this compilation. Each of these articles is "a work in progress" in that they are frequently being updated as I encounter new materials appropriate to the subjects of the articles.

I have attempted to include, in these articles, materials that are genuinely enriching. The articles are intended to enhance the average reader's understanding. If an article, once created, seemed only to reiterate those things most of us already understand, then I have not included it. I am interested in actually "adding upon" the understanding of the reader.

Perhaps one of the specific features of this body of supplemental materials deserves mention. Several years ago I wrote an "historical summary" of the Book of Mormon. This summary was a rather detailed account of all of the characters and events of the Book of Mormon story minus all of the doctrinal materials in the book. This summary is included in this volume under the title "Narrative Summary of the Book of Mormon." Perhaps there are situations when the reader may wish to review the "story" of the book and might find this feature useful. For me, it is helpful to have a knowledge of the book's story-line. I find it serves as a framework or platform onto which I can "hang" the book's doctrinal content.

The end-product of this endeavor, which has extended over the past several years, has become most valuable and satisfying to me. I sincerely pray that I have left for you, the reader-my family and friends-a work that will enhance your understanding of spiritual concepts and invite you to future enthusiastic study. I trust you will never fail to seek spiritual confirmation of all the new spiritual understandings you encounter.

Michael J. Preece


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